CE-4 Starter Kit

1. The use of high-quality constant pressure program: large amount of smoke;
2. The use of brand A-class battery: full capacity lithium batteries, endurance, output stability;
3. The use of high-quality atomizer: good quality, fuel oil fast, no oil, no burst pipe, no Jiao flavor, anti-dry, more durable;
4. The use of high-precision environmentally friendly brass pieces: good contact, no gap, no short circuit;
5. The use of high-quality environmentally friendly paint: no fade, more beautiful, non-toxic, environmentally friendly;
6. With IC protection charger: charging stability, better protection of the battery;
7. The use of PE environmental food grade needle tube smoke bottle: healthy and durable.

Product Description 

Battery capacity: 1100mAh

Storage Capacity: 1.6 ml
Diameter: 14mm

Package Included: 1 * EGO battery, 1 * CE4 atomizer, 1 * USB cable charge

Not included Smoke oil



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